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Smash your business goals with smart mobile marketing

Mooyi brings your customer data, marketing channels, and insights together.


Use our simple email builder with preset templates to design beautiful emails that look great on any device.


Send text messages that render on any device and enjoy more than an 80% chance of being opened and read.


Turn text to speech or upload your voice recordings, and send bulk voice messages to customers in any language.

A single dashboard, a multitude of channels

Keep up with all your mobile marketing campaigns from a single dashboard. Schedule campaigns and review performance faster and more efficiently.


10m+ profiled customers ready to hear from you

Enjoy reach and relevance with interest and demographic targeting for up to 10 million+ profiled mobile customers and unlock interest-based and demographic targeting.

Unleash the power of one-click retargeting

Retarget leads and customers in sequences that turn impressions and clicks into downloads, sign-ups, and purchases.


Send messages that convert to mobile users for free.

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