Earn Rewards for SharingYour View.

Get paid when you help brands, products, services, and governments be better for you.


It’s a win-win.

You don’t need any special skills to join, and you earn for every response.

How it works?

Get paid for each response you provide. Averagely, tests pay 100–200 mooyi credits per response.


Automatic rewards

You may redeem your credits in airtime immediately or stack them up and cash out later. You can cash out once you‘ve accumulated at least 1,000 mooyi credits.


Payouts into your bank account

mooyi Rewards pays N1 per mooyi credit earned. You can cash out through your bank account once your balance reaches 1,000 mooyi credits. Bank charges may apply.


Real-time notifications

We use email and WhatsApp notifications to inform you when there are new surveys available you so can participate if it’s convenient.


Refer-a-friend bonus

Make extra when you invite friends and family to join mooyi Rewards. You can earn N100 credits for every new member you refer who shares their feedback.

Join and start earning passive income.

Terms and conditions apply.

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